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{pgomakase}Music Theory 101

Some Basics of Music Theory

The following articles assume that the reader has some basic understanding about how to read standard music notation, as well as an understanding about time signatures, note values, and other fundamentals of music.

If you are looking for a good resource to learn about the fundamentals of music, check out this new resource --

Test your Music Theory Knowledge with our Music Theory Quiz -- Part 1

This quiz will give you a basic idea how well you know some of the topics covered in this section.

Music Theory Lessons



Treble Clef .........SEE THE VIDEO

Bass Clef

Note Values

Time Signatures

The Blues Progression

The Basics

Whole and Half Steps


Key Signatures

Major Scale Pattern


Minor Scale Pattern


Diatonic Chord Function

Seventh Chords

Beyond Seventh Chords -- Tensions

Song in multiple keys

Advanced (Coming Soon...)


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Recommended Music Theory References

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